About Us

Integra Capital, LLC is a New York based proprietary trading firm, and a division of T3 Trading Group, LLC. We specialize in providing stock and options traders around the country with the trading capital, technology, services and support they need to succeed as a professional prop trader.

Integra Capital was founded in Jan 2009 by Zack Nadel. Zack has over 16 years of experience as a successful proprietary trader, mentor, and firm owner and manager. With the personal touch and exceptional trader support he is known for, Zack runs the Integra Capital division of T3 Trading Group.

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T3 Trading Group, LLC is an SEC registered broker dealer and member of the NASDAQ PHLX. It is one of the largest proprietary broker-dealers in the U.S. with hundreds of licensed prop traders all over the country.

Proprietary trading services provided through T3 Trading Group, LLC. Member NASDAQ (PHLX)